August 15, 2016

As originally posted in Capitol Standard Magazine - Obie Chambers 

AUGUST 13, 2016

Find the weeds, and rip them out.

"You must live and breathe relationships."

-Obie Chambers

In my wildest dreams, never did I ever envision starting a consulting business.Consulting can...

February 26, 2016

The entire "Donald Trump Experiment" will be an interesting take unto itself. There are many skill sets and attributes, some beneficial, some detrimental, that are associated with successful businessmen. Just as there is a similar grouping of idiosyncrasies  associated...

November 30, 2015


Meet DC’s Real-Life ‘Olivia Pope’



NOVEMBER 30, 2015


Original article appears on the website "Capitol Standard" November 30, 2015 by Obie Chambers 



My name is Obie Chambers. I’m a partner at a Crisis Management firm called The Exigency G...

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May 22, 2016