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The Exigency Group's advisors have been featured, filmed, and contributed to some of the most respected media portals in the Industry. They have lectured around the country in various higher education facilities and have worked in unison with some of the top corporations, organizations, and law firms in the nation.

Berg & Androphy 

Why us

 The Exigency Group's veteran team of advisors yield decades of experience in solving complex challenges while serving as principals, officers, directors, managers and board members of governmental, private, and publicly traded companies. Our team consists of former investigative journalists, former government directors and managers, political campaign advisers, congressional press secretaries, White House and federal agency liaisons as well as trade associations and corporate communicators. We are strategists, tacticians, and advisers whose diverse set of clients span nearly every industry, ranging from international corporations to legacy and boutique law firms, colleges and universities, research institutions, philanthropic groups and everything in between. Our firm has experience dealing with matters covering the entire exigent spectrum. Whether your business takes you into the realm of the social media world, onto the steps of Capitol Hill, in the middle of the sports world, or inside of philanthropic offices, we have a unique specialized team to help you achieve your goals and shatter expectations. 

confidentiality and non-disclosure

Over the years we have compiled a vast repository of Crisis Management and Strategic Advisory clients in the Corporate, Entertainment, Government/Regulatory, Sports, and Non-Profit industries. In keeping with our confidentiality and non-disclosure policies, we do not make any reference to their Corporate names or Brands.  
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