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Strategic Advice. Crisis management. Business Resiliency.  specifically designed for the business of sports. 

Extreme Stakes. Maximum Exposure. Lofty Expectations. The world of sports requires and expects a great deal from its participants. Starting with the owners, continuing through the front office, reaching the players, encompassing the sponsors and the agents, and ultimately ending with the millions of fans worldwide, the constant demands placed upon those in the sports arena are stratospheric.


We are Exigency Sports. The Sports Public Relations arm of the Strategic Advisory firm, The Exigency Group. Our abilities encompass the entire spectrum of the world of sports. The company philosophy is one of clarity, quality, innovation, and keeping our clients on the cutting edge of marketing communications. We take our clients from message development to creating a media strategy, to execution. Our team members have a wide range of media and business relationships that allow their clients to take center stage.

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Bernard Robinson

Executive Director | Exigency SPORTS

We welcome inquiries from athletes, teams, leagues, and venues, as well as the companies that sponsor them.

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