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If Trump Makes It To The Oval Office, Will He Break The Mold Of How "Business Minded" Pres

The entire "Donald Trump Experiment" will be an interesting take unto itself. There are many skill sets and attributes, some beneficial, some detrimental, that are associated with successful businessmen. Just as there is a similar grouping of idiosyncrasies associated with savvy Politicians. That is why, when you are the leader of the Free World, you must find that intricate, yet subtle balance of intelligence, wit, vigor, and composure. Never too high, never too low. You must be even keel in any circumstance, whether standing by the Crisis Phone in the Situation Room facing global extinction,

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or sitting court-side watching your hometown team face Game 7 elimination in the NBA finals, with the first lady and kids in tow wtih millions of people watching on National Television. Under all circumstances, the Poker Face must be present, even when you know the world is waiting for you to crack.

Mr. Trump's investor groups were interested in doing several business transactions here in Charlotte doing the Golden Era of the 2000's Real Estate boom. My investment teams were heavily vested into Charlotte's Real Estate market as well during that time. There were many projects that our respective teams showed mutual interest in. Whether stand alone commercial properties, or Country Clubs with attached golf courses, we constantly seemed to be vying for the same deals during that era. While Mr Trump was not at any of the meetings I attended ( he did make it down for a few, but I was abroad ), groups carrying out his sentiments and orders, were worthy competitors indeed.

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Having the ability to "get small" and have that hometown feel, even though the masses know there's a massive conglomerate machine behind the entire ensemble, is indeed a spectacular feat. One that is truly reserved for those "best practices".

What that accomplishment allows you to do, is to not disturb the natives natural skeptiscism when it comes to community wishes, special interest groups, advocacy teams, etc. When heightened awareness is sequestered, even though your team has monetization on the mind, you're able to convince the locals that you have their best interest at heart. True, or just puffing smoke, there is a skill-set involved that's needed to convey that message. But there's a catch - also a characteristic of businessmen, is their innate ability to be stubborn, as well as aggressive. Ultimately thinking about the bottom line as opposed to the people, families, lives, etc, that may be affected by the business side of things. Running a country can have its similarities to running a business, but there comes a point where the parallels stop. As the leader of a country, you can't just walk away and file bankruptcy when things don't go according to plan. There are other implications that arise. You must have the ability to sometimes wait it out, and show the patience of a Politician.

Which brings us to our topic. So, you may wonder, what is the number of highly successful businessmen who eventually became highly successful presidents? Zero. Or conversely you may be thinking, what are the number of successful presidents who were highly successful businessmen? Zero. How about the number of successful businessmen who failed as president? Three. Truman, a very successful president, failed in business. Big Bush was a successful businessman and a respectable president, but even he ranks below Carter, who is always viewed as a failed president, on the presidential success meter.

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It will be interesting to see how this "business transaction" called a election, pans out, and what the shareholders (American people ) have to say about it. No matter the outcome, America is being watched by the world, and they are taking notes. Just in case.

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